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This chair is really comfortable I am glad purchased it.

Wonderful chair

Chair is well made and supports my back very well.

9/10 for me

This review is based on 3 months of using the chair

Here are the pluses

- Super fast delivery (2 days)
- Easy instructions, had to search for the screws ;)
- I love that the armrests can be taken off for when I play guitar
- The chair gives a lot of comfort while working.
- Super friendly customer service! Thanks for that

Here are the cons

- I personally would have liked some other colors
- It doesn't feel comfortable enough to really take a nap on

For me, it really is a big 9/10, especially for the price. Very neat!

If you are hesitating to buy another chair, I would definitely buy this one! Haven't regretted it for a moment.

Did not disappoint

Nicely made chair, arrived very close to the time given. Well packaged, not difficult to assemble and included instructions. I like that most the hardware was attached to the chair itself, very efficient. After a few days of use it's a comfortable attractive chair that's decent value for cost.

Shocking !

Totally 100% shocked at the weight & quality of this chair. That is shocked in a very good way, it's amazing. The quality & engineering of this chair far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that spends much time at a computer. Excellent product, thanks Onyx !

Repair the manual

Guys, The chair is very nice BUT the directions book is awful. I looked all over for the screws and finally found them installed already. There are also no washers as listed.

This is the chair we have been looking for!

When I purchase things 'sight unseen' online, I am always a bit skeptical. I have had bad experiences. When I saw the ONYX FURGLE chair in the ads, it looked to be EXACTLY what I needed, but I was not sure.
I knew that I needed to find a reliable and comfortable chair for my wife who spends so many hours working at her desk, that her back had begun to give her problems.
We tried comfy fluffy office chairs that claimed to be adjustable, but the adjustments were clumsy and often did not stay adjusted.
We tried 'office chairs' that had adjustable settings but we had always been disappointed with the chairs after trying all of the possible settings.
I knew I would have to do some research to cut through the promises and find a chair that actually worked, as soon as possible. I decided to take a chance on FURGLE.
When it first arrived I hoped it would not be too confusing to put together, and that the instructions would be clear and easy to follow.
As I began to unpack and assemble the chair I was delighted to find that the instructions were very clear.
After putting the chair together (it took only a few minutes) I sat down and adjusted the chair and found it to be very easy to adjust.
I adjusted the arm height, the lumbar support cushion and all of the settings to position the chair EXACTLY as she needed it.
We have tried to adjust all these other chairs, and truly never could get it exactly right, but this chair is easily adjusted and very comfortable.
I am SO HAPPY that we took the chance and ordered this chair.
This is THE CHAIR we were looking for.
Thank you very much for this quality product and the VERY REASONABLE price.
I highly recommend this chair.

New chair is my office chair

I use my new chair everyday in my home office. Very comfortable.

Great Chair

Chair is somewhat difficult to put together but once there it is quite flexible and comfortable. For me it was a good purchase as the previous chair was over 15 years of age. The purchase price was about right for the product. As for me I went all black as it was more for my business than gaming.

Love my chair

I am so amazed at the quality of the chair. I love it and the remarkable services I have been given from the company.
Thank youJohn

Great Chair!

Very satisfied with the chair! Comfortable for long times of sitting.

these chairs are very comfortable, in fact i ordered another one. they are also a very nice looking chair.


very comfortable

Awesome !

The instruction manual was exceptional.


Big improvement over my last chair. Highly recommended.

not what i thought it would be

Good Value

Chair arrived as advertised. It assembled easy enough and its quality is better than I expected. I am very happy with the chair and would recommend it for those who prefer firm seating surfaces, lumbar support and adjustability.

Practice has never felt so good on the back side !!

Use in the studio fits the need. Thanks .

My Back

I have a bad back and this chair makes me sit straight up while giving me support. The lower back pillow can be moved up and down allowing me to place pressure where I most need it.


The chair is awesome and I love how it feels. The cushioning is nice!

Very good

I am greatly satisfied with the chair that I have received!

Great value for money

Amazing gaming chair

I am a kid who works, I don't bring in to much money nor do I spend to much money. Spending $300 on a chair to me wasn't something I had always wanted to do. If I had $300, I would always buy something else that felt more of a priority. I was very wrong.

If you are someone like me, who spends a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, doing desk work, or anything to do with sitting for a long period of time. You don't realize how much strain you are putting on your body, you think "well, I'm just sitting?". Sitting in the incorrect position for long periods of time is very bad, especially when it comes to posture. Which I feel this chair attempts to correct.

This chair was way more then I expected. I honestly never anticipated purchasing this chair, but I am so thankful I had. This chair is perfect for me, its big, its durable, and most importantly, it's very comfortable!

It has really been a great purchase for me. I'm a pretty heavy and tall man of 48 myself and in the evenings I like to game. Always suffered from back pain when sitting for long periods of time, the cushioning and design helps me an awful lot in correcting my posture! Extremely happy and grateful with my purchase!

I am greatly satisfied with the chair that i have received and work has never been more productive! The comfort is provides makes it more comfortable to spend hours working on. I spend many hours working each day, this chair was definitely a good buy. The design and aesthetic is appealing to the eye. This chair is awesome!