Ace - Red

$379 $499

Forget about back pain and enjoy all-day comfort. 

  • Up to a weight capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Pre-formed segmented padding
  • Integrated Back support
  • Extra-wide seat for larger men!

The Ace series offers all-around comfort so that you never get tired while using the chair. Stop being distracted by back pain & choose comfort while gaming, take your experience to the next level!



  • Are you busy day after day and feel tired after sitting in the same place for hours?
  • Are you a game enthusiast who wants to go the extra mile to do what you love? 
  • Have you been sitting in the same chair more often since working from home and do you notice that your back is getting worse after hours of work?
  • Have you always been looking for a chair that is extra wide?

Don't worry, we put you in charge of all the game chairs. Discover the Ace Series



Made with the finest materials. 

  • Carbon structured steel lasts up to 350 lbs.
  • High density foam, for the perfect sitting experience.
  • High-quality breathable leather, easy to clean, yet it comes with a sleek design. Available in multiple colors!


Sitting a lot puts pressure on the lower back, which increases every day. The Ace Series has been internationally tested for comfort. Up to a weight capacity of 350 lbs. Enjoy comfort all day, while taking your gaming experience to the next level!


Do you know what makes this chair the boss? This is how the Onyx Ace Series has been tested. This chair meets international safety standards and has passed the 100,000 fatigue impact test and 120,000 times the fatigue test.

Got any questions? Feel free to contact us here or check out our FAQ.


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  • All Onyx Series Chairs: 2 Years

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Please follow the product manual in the package and assembly Guide to prevent your voiding of the Limited Warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Richard Mendoza

This chair is really comfortable I am glad purchased it.

David Sloan
Wonderful chair

Chair is well made and supports my back very well.

9/10 for me

This review is based on 3 months of using the chair

Here are the pluses

- Super fast delivery (2 days)
- Easy instructions, had to search for the screws ;)
- I love that the armrests can be taken off for when I play guitar
- The chair gives a lot of comfort while working.
- Super friendly customer service! Thanks for that

Here are the cons

- I personally would have liked some other colors
- It doesn't feel comfortable enough to really take a nap on

For me, it really is a big 9/10, especially for the price. Very neat!

If you are hesitating to buy another chair, I would definitely buy this one! Haven't regretted it for a moment.

Robert Lanktree
Did not disappoint

Nicely made chair, arrived very close to the time given. Well packaged, not difficult to assemble and included instructions. I like that most the hardware was attached to the chair itself, very efficient. After a few days of use it's a comfortable attractive chair that's decent value for cost.

Buck Wheat Johnson
Shocking !

Totally 100% shocked at the weight & quality of this chair. That is shocked in a very good way, it's amazing. The quality & engineering of this chair far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that spends much time at a computer. Excellent product, thanks Onyx !

Scott Slobodian
Repair the manual

Guys, The chair is very nice BUT the directions book is awful. I looked all over for the screws and finally found them installed already. There are also no washers as listed.

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