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Curler™ - 3 In 1 Mascara Shield GuardCurler™ - 3 In 1 Mascara Shield GuardCurler™ - 3 In 1 Mascara Shield GuardCurler™ - 3 In 1 Mascara Shield Guard
Curler™ - 3 In 1 Mascara Shield Guard
Curler™ - 3 In 1 Mascara Shield Guard

Your must-have tool to put an end to mascara mess-ups once & for all!

You'll never have to deal with mascara marks or mess-ups again! This brilliant, comfortably contoured shield protects your lids and eye-shadow while also amplifying lash curl.

 Amazing Features

  • Perfect Protection - This multi-purpose tool protects your upper and lower eyelids from mascara smudges and also prevents mascara clumps on your eyelashes.
  • Eye-line Shield - It helps you to have precise and flawless eye-line when drawing with free hand. It will reduce the time you spend each morning getting ready for your day.
  • Small & Portable - The shield tool is tiny and portable to carry and you can use it for daily use wherever you are.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Emily Kelly
Mind blown

Since I got this, my lashes curled to the high heavens and I don't even need false lashes. Separated, long, luscious and perfect, best random beauty gadget ever.

Virginia Parker
Awesome tool!

I’m very clumsy when it comes to applying mascara and this little simple device has been a huge game changer for me. I can now apply my mascara and not get any smudges on my eyelids. I’ve also enjoyed the true benefits of extra volume and length from my mascaras! Recommend to everyone!

Carol Griffin
Great for short fine lashes!

Actually works as advertised! My baby fine, short, blond lashes are hard to work with but this device really makes the job a cinch. The first use was like putting a puzzle piece in place, but after that, no problems.

Nicole Bailey
Great for false eyelash application

I use this for holding my top lashes down while I apply falsies. Works like a charm. What used to take 10 mins and then I would just give up or have skewampus eyelashes, now it’s perfection in 30 seconds.

Sara Brown
So simple yet so ingenious!

My hands shake and while it is inconvenient to get a bit of mascara on my upper or lower lid, getting it on my contact lenses is a much bigger problem! This prevents both occurrences!

Ruth Hill
The answer to my dilemma!

WOW!!! I am lovin' this product. It solved my problem with all ease. I have very curly eyelashes and it is virtually impossible to get falsies on without going through a trial and error step. This device has proven to assist greatly in catching my eyelashes where I can pull them down and out of the way. I absolutely encourage anyone who is experiencing this problem to consider purchasing this product. It is also good if you are applying mascara as it helps to separate your eyelashes for better application. Move forward with beautiful eyes, ladies. GET THIS PRODUCT NOW!