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Easy™ - Ear Wax CleanerEasy™ - Ear Wax CleanerEasy™ - Ear Wax CleanerEasy™ - Ear Wax CleanerEasy™ - Ear Wax Cleaner
Easy™ - Ear Wax Cleaner
Easy™ - Ear Wax Cleaner

Get your excess earwax out instead of pushing deeper, give your ear 360-degree rotating ear dig!

Made of stainless, this ear wax cleaner is safe and very easy to use with its smooth, rounded, and polished surface. Just wash thoroughly with soap and water and you are ready to use it, as simple as that.

 Amazing Features

  • Remarkable Effect The earwax is designed in a spoon shape, which can effectively remove accumulated earwax, which is faster and cleaner than cleaning with a cotton swab. 
  • Safety MaterialAll earplugs are made of medical-grade stainless steel, which is not easily deformed during use, durable, rust-proof, easy to clean and disinfect. Proper use of these tools is safe for the human body and helps to maintain the health of individuals and families.
  • Practical Design - Fully polished tool, the surface is smooth and round, elegant, can effectively reduce the irritation or scratch skin in use, and bring a comfortable experience. The handle of the earbud tool is non-slip, easy to control and safer.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Steven Lamb
This totally works!

I have disgustingly waxy ears. I’m talking “need to go to the doctor because I’ve lost hearing for a week” waxy. That said, these tools have revolutionized my life.

Barry Carson
Great for day to day

I had a buildup of wax after getting water trapped in my ear. This product works well and helps me a lot!

Kristopher Riley
Good set of tools to clean ears

The product works well and was delivered promptly. Plastic tools tend to bend and flex but these metal tools are definitely sturdier.

Gordon Sutton
Nice Idea. Works well.

The product works well. Gets all the muck out of my ear.

Kirk Terry
Does What It's For

My wife used the flat scoop one to get a huge piece of wax from my ear....she kept telling me I had something huge in my ear. I didn't believe her and thought she didn't know what she was looking at. After picking at it a few days later...she managed to pull out a piece of was the size of a pea.. Gross!!!...I never felt it in my ear considering its size... Sorry if I grossed you out with the description.

Harvey Brock
Perfect For Deep Cleaning Ears

I use the tools to remove excess wax from my ears and it works perfectly for that!