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FitX™ - Hip Muscle TrainerFitX™ - Hip Muscle TrainerFitX™ - Hip Muscle TrainerFitX™ - Hip Muscle TrainerFitX™ - Hip Muscle Trainer
FitX™ - Hip Muscle Trainer
FitX™ - Hip Muscle Trainer

Want that pretty round ass you see in the magazine? 

Do you train for hours every day and still not find results for a well-defined butt? Good news! We have the perfect tool for you. Use it daily in training and you can see results in just a week.


Amazing Health Benefits

  • Highly Effective - Get ready to tighten your weak pelvic muscles and tone your thighs with perfect booty you want.
  • Easy to use - Its no big science to use it and not a big deal to make it a part of your daily exercise routine. 
  • Best Quality - Its a new and improved version of hip trainer with a wider curve which fits your thighs and lets you have comfortable workout. 
  • Portable - Its small weight and size allows you to take it anywhere and get the perfect butt you want.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lindsey Rowe
Very sturdy equipment to help reshaping glutes

My trainer friend recommended this. She told me it is a great piece of equipment for glutes exercise. After continuously using, it can help reshape your glutes and gives you a better curve. It also tighten your inner thighs.

Mary Glover
A really cool product

I really like this product! The instructions are very helpful and easy to learn, and I am able to quickly understand how to use it. Overall it's a good and useful product. After you've learned how to exert strength, it does exercise the hip muscles.

Meredith Jennings
It came just as I expected, very pleased

The quality of the products is very good and it does what it needs to do and you start seeing the results not more than a week.

Arlene Newton
Awesome exercise equipment

Works great!

Bobbie Garrett
Great product

I Love it. It's been a week and there have been noticeable changes. My husband even noticed my more beautiful ass and stronger pelvic muscles.

Tanya Gross
Great product!!! I am getting results!!!

This is an amazing product! I notice results in the first week. Make sure you focus on which muscles you are squeezing!!! Love this product!!! It’s hard and I can’t like squeeze it shut lol but even the minimal movement of the exerciser creates results!!!