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Lifty™ - Men's Genuine Leather BagLifty™ - Men's Genuine Leather Bag
Lifty™ - Men's Genuine Leather Bag
Lifty™ - Men's Genuine Leather Bag

Get your genuine waterproof leather bag and make sure your everyday essentials are with you everywhere safe and sound!

With this bag, you do not need worry about the weather or moisture that might effect your belongings as it is 100% water proof and always keep your items dry. Its scratch-resistant ability makes sure that it keeps its shiny look as long as you want to use it.

Some Amazing Features

  • Multipurpose Use - Perfect for a day to day travel, you can use it as a chest bag, waist bag or even as a backpack, whichever position suits you best. 
  • Adjustable Buckle - Its strong and reliable buckle allows it to fit according to your personality, anyone can use it whether they are fluffy or skinny.
  • Large Capacity - It is roomy enough to keep your daily essentials so that you have everything you need with you every time.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joseph Townsend
Perfect Safe Travel Bag

While traveling you learn to lighten the load and this bag does the trick - with its compartments you have room for all your credit cards, travel documents, passports and you still have room for a tablet and cell phone. All the compartments are easy to reach while wearing it. It's not bulky and can be worn under your coat or outside.

Pedro Weber
Great for Costa Rica Trip

Got this at the last min for 1st trip with baby. So glad I did because my hands were full! I carried it my entire Costa Rica trip...held up in the rain! I didn’t want anything bulky and this was perfect.

Roland Chambers
Music Festival Warrior

I bought this bag because it's compact and it seems to hold just enough stuff that I need - I was happy with it. I took the bag with me to a music festival the whole weekend and boy, this bag is legit! I had my Galaxy S9, power bank, wallet, a pack of gum, a bottle of pills, and my sunglasses and this bag holds all these things like a champ! It was raining all weekend so I got to test out the water resistance of it as well, it was incredible! Buy this bag if you want something that holds your stuff and be comfortable carrying it.

Evan Love
Compact and light

I don’t bring much things along with when I go outside, one shoulder backpack is the best choice for me to put a few belongings. One shoulder backpack is a kind of backpack that has only one strap which I can put light stuffs for a hang out or short walk as it is easy and not bulky. I can have it tuck to the side or to the front when in crowded places.

Conrad Carpenter
Excellent bag

Love,love,loved it!!! I Purchased it for my 15 y.o. son traveling with relatives out of the country. I was concerned about his I.D. Passport, money....all IMPORTANT documents needed to get BACK into the U.S. or just running the risk of getting LOST or misplaces upon his travel. Well I am happy to report upon his return HE told me that was the BEST thing I bought him.

Danny Barrett
Stylish and Practical

This bag is well put together- no loose threads or janky straps upon arrival. It's nice and stylish, even though style wasn't a major factor. I purchased this to keep my pockets (and hands) free, so everything you can imagine a man carrying every day goes into this bag.