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Pure™ - Ultrasonic Teeth CleanerPure™ - Ultrasonic Teeth CleanerPure™ - Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner
Pure™ - Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner
Pure™ - Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner

Solve all your dental issues in no time with our Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner!

Our ultrasonic teeth cleaner is designed to deliver you great results from its very first use. Clean your teeth like a pro in the comfort of your home, without any pain or insensitivity.

Some Amazing Features

  • Sustain Healthy Teeth & Gums - Removes hard tartar easily from the teeth, preventing gum disease and effectively removes dental plaque, dental calculus and stains.
  • Fresher Breath Every Day - Achieve fresher breath by decreasing the level of bacteria in the mouth.
  • Flexible and Safe - Simple structure, convenient, and can be operated for gentle calculus removal by a hand.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Doug Miller
Does what is says!

It's pretty easy to use and comes with a couple different tips. I found one I like and haven't really changed it since. My teeth are definitely cleaner around the gum line, though I imagine it'll take a bit more time before my gums are totally healthy again. In the meantime, at least this cleans up that ugly looking stuff on my teeth. And there's a helpful light on the thing so you can see what you're doing, so that's nice!

Caleb Johnson
Works perfectly

This thing works! I was thinking it would vibrate and you’d feel the movement of it, but honestly you can NOT tell it’s vibrating until you touch your tooth. Even then, you can not feel it- you can hear it but only after it touches the surface of your tooth. It’s crazy!! But yes- it does get plaque off. I am VERY good at taking care of my teeth. I don’t have a ton of plaque build-up. And i don’t use it everyday. So the fact that it does get plaque off my teeth when I use it shows that it is a quality product.

Tom Parsons
Good quality

It actually works, I thought it wasn’t going to work but I am surprised on how good it worked I thought it would hurt but it doesn’t and you could literally see the tarter being removed.

Joshua Singleton
Excellent Tool for Removing Tarter and Stains

Right out of the box you can feel the quality. It has weight to it and is not just a cheap piece of plastic. I was hesitant to order at first because I have super sensitive teeth and thought I’d never be able to stand using it but there is literally no discomfort at all.

Hugh Long

I had started to notice build up in between my teeth mostly, not having been to the dentist for a while because of COVID I didn't want to go back to the dentist and be embarrassed by how my teeth were- I am really very good at keeping them clean and healthy. I read the reviews about this product and wanted to try it right away. It did not disappoint. It was amazing at how well it cleaned the tarter and build up off my teeth, like night and day. I can't stop looking at my teeth and what an amazing transformation it did.

Arthur Reyes

I was expecting this to be loud. I was expecting to have to be very careful not to hurt my gums. I was wrong. Not only is it NOT loud at all, but you won't feel any pain, just the vibration against your teeth. It was easier to use than I imagined.