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Quick™ - Hair Dry HatQuick™ - Hair Dry HatQuick™ - Hair Dry HatQuick™ - Hair Dry HatQuick™ - Hair Dry HatQuick™ - Hair Dry HatQuick™ - Hair Dry Hat
Quick™ - Hair Dry Hat
Quick™ - Hair Dry Hat

A perfect choice for everyday use that fits all hair types and lengths wherever you are!

 It is a super absorbent that absorbs all types of moisture in no time and makes you ready for wherever you need to go in no-time. Its use will decrease your need for electric hair dryer and will make your hair soft and silky to make you look amazing.


 Amazing Features

  • DURABLE AND SOFT: 100% super fine composite fiber material with a button to secure your bath towels.  Your Hair will not slip when you take a bath.  Extremely easy to use!
  • VERSATILE: The Quick Magic Hair Dry Hat is ideal for everyday use at home, gym and travel.  Great assistant in facial, bath, makeup, face wash. Fits all hair types and lengths.
  • PROTECT YOUR HAIR: Using the hair dryer will do great damage to your beautiful hair. The towel will absorb moisture in your hair throughout this time. It is the softest least damaging way to dry long hair.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Erika Sharp
My Hair Thank You

Holy moly... what can i say, except i freaking love these. Normally i have to put a ton of product in my hair to counteract my frizzy nature. Last night i showered and rather than using a terry cloth towel to wrap my hair, i used one of these microfiber wraps. I put it up and slept in it. When i woke up my hair was dried in fantastical curls. No frizz to be seen. I did my makeup and went to work. No product at all. Now halfway through my day, the curls have separated a little, but the amount of frizz is nothing compared to usual with no product. I don't know how I've never tried this in my 35 years of life.

Hattie Day
Holds crazy thick hair

I was hesitant about the button design, but it has held up very well after dozens of uses and washes. I have very thick wild hair, my hair kills hair ties and drains. Initially, I wasn't sure how well this product would hold up, but it has proven worthy. It dries my hair fairly fast and reduces frowziness of curls. I would gladly recommend this product to anyone with medium or long hair.

Maryann Byrd
Best I have found!

I have thick wavy long hair and this is the FIRST wrap I have found that stays in place and is big enough after I twist it. It stays put,,, I have even slept in and and it stayed (I use a satin pillowcase). Great way to slowly dry your hair and keep it healthy. I found that is made my curls non frizzy after sleeping with it and I was able to go to work with my hair wavy which is something I have not done in a LONG time! Buying more for daughters!

Bridget Jacobs
Thick and plush!

These are so much thicker than the ones I’ve gotten elsewhere, and that I found colors to match my new beautiful towels is ever better! These are so so nice!

Andrea Delgado
I will buy more!

Love these! I've had a couple back surgeries that make it hard to fashion and maintain the regular towel "turban" after a shower, long enough to soak up any water. These go on easily, are really absorbent, and stay there!

Myra Fields
Hair wrap

Great little towels. After washing my long hair, I wrap in the towel, leave for a short while and can then brush out my hair. Very absorbent.