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Serene™ - Jewelry Fastening ToolSerene™ - Jewelry Fastening ToolSerene™ - Jewelry Fastening ToolSerene™ - Jewelry Fastening Tool
Serene™ - Jewelry Fastening Tool
Serene™ - Jewelry Fastening Tool

This handy jewelry helper is your next best friend for many reasons!

Fastening your bracelets can be a hassle at times but fear not, with this jewelry clasp fastener tool, the process would easily save you your precious time.


3 Reasons for it’s Easiness

  • Design- The jewelry tool is shaped like a long handy tool that is easy to grip while holding onto your bracelet. The hook easily glides onto any dainty or chunky jewelry piece. The round hoops on the tool are convenient to people with arthritis or hand mobility issues.
  • Stability- The hoops on the tool further help in making the device stable for your use as long tools often slip off one's hand but with these hoops on the tool, a strong grip is commanded.
  • Material: The jewelry helper is made from poly-carbonate acrylic and a strong steel spring to provide the most powerful and handiest helping tool for the next time you need assistance with your bracelets and jewelry.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brenda Hernandez
The clamp is tight that it holds its quarry just fine.

Really, it's VERY helpful! By holding the receiving end of the bracelet with this device, I have one less thing to coordinate. I still struggle to open the lobster clasp and keep it open, but once that is conquered, I now have a stable place to attach it.

Barbara Jenkins
Handy gadget that works!

I was surprised at how well this works. I have a couple of bracelets that are strung on wire and they are stiffer than a chain bracelet, thus making it hard to catch the jump ring with the clasp. This solved that problem beautifully. Now I don't have to wait to wear them until someone is around who can work the clasp for me.

Virginia Taylor
Works great with arthritic fingers

I like that this simple device is easy to use with my arthritic fingers, I can put my jewelry on without assistance. My husband has trouble seeing the clasps so I hated to ask him to help me put on bracelets and necklaces. With this tool I can do it without asking for assistance, it only takes a few seconds to use. I love it, wish I had bought this sooner!

Kathy Moore
Works well

Took me a second to figure it out but this works well once you get the trick. I have a couple of bracelets that need to be smaller so the main ornaments stay on the top of my wrist and they are terrible to put on without this.

Elizabeth Diaz
Great tool

I purchased this because I have no one to help me put my bracelets on. This thing is a life saver. I have multiple bracelets that I was not able to wear due to not being able to them on however with this tool it makes putting a bracelet on with a breeze.

Joyce Perez
Great product to help with bracelets.

This is a great product to help with lobster claw clasps on bracelets. This bracelet helper makes putting on a bracelet a snap for me. The clip goes on the loop while you work the lobster claw. It's fast and easy.